Editors Ellen Michelle and Christie Stratos visited us today to break down the true relationship between an author and their editor.

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We're getting a lesson in book marketing today kids!

Just in time for the re-release of author Paul Davis' book too. He'll tell you all about it and then we'll dive into marketing basics with the creator of Story Origin, Evan Gow.

Grab a pen and paper, he's going to teach us how to use the amazing one stop shop marketing haven known as Story Origin!

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Miranda Oh & Kathrin Hutson are on the show! Have you ever seen or heard something that took your breath away? Well, that is this show... we'll take your breath away, either from shock, or laughter. 

Join Katie, Jason, Jane, and Christie for a night of friendship and fun. A single author may be a bit weird, but get a group of us together and things are just plain crazy!

Fantasy, the paranormal, and reality collide with authors Edward Willett and Bruce Olav Solheim.




This week we're Spilling Ink with Suzy Vadori and Natasha Deen!

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Come join the ruggedly handsome Joshua Robertson, and the man they call Mountain, Andy Peloquin, as we sit around the fireside, casting spells and conjuring stories of fantasy. I was so very pleased to meet Andy for the very first time, ever, in my life. If you love fantasy and extremely tall mountain men, this is the episode for you!

Join us for a very fun talk with author and poet Robert Cano!

Authors Marc Watson and Jenna Greene reveal all about writing characters of the opposite gender, inspiration, beta readers, and living with kids!

JD Estrada and Derek Borne will show you a world of literary splendor in this week’s episode of Spilling Ink.

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