Come hang out with Laura Moncrief and Amanda Jette Knox on this super fun episode of Spilling Ink LIVE!

Miranda Oh and Jenna Greene join us to talk about their new books and their brand new podcast!

February 9, 2020

The Comic Book special!

George Verongos, Bruce Olav Solheim, and Laura and Gary Dumm join us to talk about comics! The writing, the illustration, and the publishing, we leave no stone unturned!

2020 is here, and with it comes a whole new season of Spilling Ink. Get ready for fun, and friendship, learning, and pop tarts. On this first episode of the new decade, we're joined by the great Julia Allen, and the ferocious Mike Feria!

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Join us for a fabulous chat with the king of indie webcasts, Joe Compton! Spoiler alert, we won't find out what Joe's favorite book is.

Find your tribe on this hilarious episode with author extraordinaire Derek Bourne.

With special guests, Anita Stewart and Sarah Buhrman.

Join us as we explore the villains, antagonists, antiheroes, and misanthropic characters that make our stories and movies so great! We're joined by Craig DiLouie and Andy Peloquin.


October 6, 2019

The New Author Special

The new author special, writing and publishing questions answered with Three Furies Press and special guest Madison Silva.

You've written a book. Now what?
It's time to get out there and podcast, blog, and social media your way to the bestseller list. But how do you do it? What are interviews going to be like? How should you behave? Can you really post that?
Our panel of experts are here to set the record straight tonight.

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