Find your tribe on this hilarious episode with author extraordinaire Derek Bourne.

With special guests, Anita Stewart and Sarah Buhrman.

Join us as we explore the villains, antagonists, antiheroes, and misanthropic characters that make our stories and movies so great! We're joined by Craig DiLouie and Andy Peloquin.


October 6, 2019

The New Author Special

The new author special, writing and publishing questions answered with Three Furies Press and special guest Madison Silva.

You've written a book. Now what?
It's time to get out there and podcast, blog, and social media your way to the bestseller list. But how do you do it? What are interviews going to be like? How should you behave? Can you really post that?
Our panel of experts are here to set the record straight tonight.

Write fast or write well? Do we have to choose one or the other? Special guests, Andy Peloquin and Craig DiLouie take us deep into the mechanics of writing and clarify the techniques they use to find balance for optimal writing output.
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September 21, 2019

Inside the mind of an author

This week we're letting you in on the secret innermost workings of the creative mind. Fears, Impostor syndrome, motivation, etc...

#inspiration #motivation #creativewriting

Take a deep dive into what we authors use to create characters, the research that takes us down the rabbit hole, the fears of failure that keep us up late at night, and the author tribe we lean on for support.

Indie author, Traditionally Published, or Small Press Published, we're all part of the same publishing community.

This week we're taking a deep dive into the psyche of the author to find out what inspires us to write.
Special guests: Care Marshall and L. Bachman
#Writingcommunity #authorinterviews #creativewriting

The Creative Edge Publicity Showcase with Jocie McKade, Kat Hutson, Tosca Lee, and Miranda Oh!

Creative Edge
Focus on helping clients ​increase their reach, get noticed, and build on their brands.

On this show we are celebrating the most attractive of the human species... bald authors!
#writingcommunity #horrorauthors #authorinterviews

Special Guests: Pippa Baily, Myk Pilgrim, Michaelbrent Collings!

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