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On this show we are celebrating the most attractive of the human species... bald authors!
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Special Guests: Pippa Baily, Myk Pilgrim, Michaelbrent Collings!

Recorded Live In Holland Michigan, Herrick District Library.
A writer’s job is to judiciously use conflict, while keeping characters on a steady path towards the story’s goal. At its core, plot is characters and setting in conflict.
Learn the different character archetypes and how to use them as the blueprint for developing characters your readers will care about.
Understand the rules and elements of a world in order to create a believable playground for your characters to live in.
And then put all the elements together to create your story!
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A friendly discussion with P.j. MacLayne, Derek Borne, & Rowena Rede about series and co-writing.

It's always a good time here at Spilling Ink. We've brought back your fan favorites for a fun discussion this week. As usual, it's going to get silly, but you might just learn a thing or two while you're laughing.

Holly Glogau-Morgan and Rebekah Jonesy join the show for a fun and informative episode!

Tonight we've got indie game designer Levi Davis and the fabulous author Sarah Buhrman on to talk about what goes into creating new fictional worlds.

July 4, 2019

50 Shades Of Cray

No topics, just a peek into the insanity of our authorly minds.
Special Guests
Rebekah Jonesy, Jacob Devlin, and Paul Davis.

Thomas Anthony Lay joins us to discuss his newest release, The Age of Reckoning :a world of Naeisus story, but little does he know, we've got ulterior motives....


We're exploring the darker side of writing tonight, and solving all your authorly problems. Attempting to, at least.

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